Beyond Kickstarter numbers, Shenmue 3 is disappointing in sales

Shenmue 3 had close to 70,000 backers, but beyond that, it has been doing rather poorly in retail. In Japan, the game went up against Pokemon Sword and Shield and only managed to sell 18,000 units in a week.

In fact, Shenmue 3 was snowed under by three Nintendo titles in Japan, with Ring Fit Adventure and Luigi’s Mansion 3 all moving more copies in that week. (Japanese sales numbers via Gematsu.)

Over in the UK, the situation was pretty similar. The game didn’t even crack the top 10 for release week, coming in at number 17.

It is tough to see a game franchise that is loved by so many do poorly, but it appears after 20 years, the number of people waiting for more Shenmue is pretty low. This isn’t the first Kickstarted darling that did rather poorly in retail. Torment: Tides of Numenera had just over 74,000 backers but didn’t hit the landing in retail, with Brian Fargo calling the sales numbers “disappointing”.

Sorry, Shenmue.

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