Google hires senior Assassin’s Creed devs for Stadia studio

If I was a betting man, I would say that the Stadia games studio in Montreal is working on an open-world title right now. Stadia Games and Entertainment, the first original games studio, was established by former Assassin’s Creed developer Jade Raymond, who is now in charge of Stadia’s first-party games production.

Now several Assassin’s Creed developers have signed up with Google. Sébastien Puel has joined as director general. Puel was Assassin’s Creed’s executive producer for close to a decade.

Francois Pelland is now head of production. Pelland was the executive director of development at Ubisoft Quebec, during the time of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. He was also a senior producer for Assassin’s Creed 3.

Last but not least, artist Mathieu Leduc has joined as an art director. Leduc was in charge of art direction for the first two Watch Dogs games and was the assistant art director for Assassin’s Creed 1.

“I’ve been making games for a while now, and wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had for anything. But we can do better. We can do more. At Stadia, we don’t believe in being ‘good enough.’ We believe in being more: More ambitious. More inclusive. More accessible. More immersive. More engaging.”

Jade Raymond, Google Blog
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