PS5 devkits have been spotted in the wild

When we got word of the new PS5 design, a lot of heads were being scratched. The thing looks like some alien machine designed by otherworldly celestial beings and I instantly thought that there was no way that this was the final design. Early prototypes are common and the design looks very utilitarian which means it might have been designed as a devkit. My suspicions were somewhat confirmed with some rogue PS5 devkits that have been spotted in the wild:

The tweet came out of nowhere, but it confirms what we knew already. Developers have had their hands on the PS5 devkit for some time and it was only a matter of time before they popped up in leaks. Tom Warren, the editor at The Verge, confirmed that these were devkits:

The interesting part is the whole stacking aspect. When you think of these machines piled on top each other, the weird alien design starts to make sense because of the ventilation. Obviously this isn’t how consoles are generally used unless you’re some sort of weirdo, but this just further confirms that this is just the devkit design, not the final commercial design for the PS5.

But who knows, maybe this is the form factor that Sony is going for. I’d be wildly confused if they do go with this design, but stranger things have happened.

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