Persona 5 Royal’s Western release might have been leaked

Persona 5 Royal, the massive game changing re-release for the critically acclaimed JPRG has been available in Japan since October of this year. The rest of the world however still has no idea when it might come out in the West though, unless a recent PlayStation Store leak can be believed.

According to a post on, the Western release date has been accidentally revealed by both the Indonesian and Taiwanese PSN Stores. Interestingly, both the stores still list the game, indicating an announcement might be happening soon. The date is set for 20 February, 2020.

Persona 5 Royal will introduce a lot more than just some cosmetic changes, with new characters and confidants, changing the way the game plays and the story is told.

Persona 5 is a fantastic JRPG. I am currently playing it and after about 90 hours or so, it feels like I’m still nowhere near the end. It’s dripping with style and amazing characters. I haven’t even finished playing this game and I can’t wait for Royal to come out in the West. Hopefully, that won’t take too long.

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