Monster Hunter World: Iceborne adds a tougher version of one of the meanest monsters

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne knows that the hunt is everything. That is probably why Capcom is adding a tougher version of one of the toughest monsters in the game.

Tomorrow a free title update will add the Tempered Ruiner Nergigante. In case you felt ol’ Nergy wasn’t a formidable enough foe, the tempered version is sure to give you pause. Or a nice new hat.

Joining Tempered Ruiner Nergigante is the Stygian Zinogre, who glows red and wants to ruin your day. It is really tough living in the world of Monster Hunter. Just when you think you know it all, a new colour of a monster arrives and you need a Palico to drag you to the hospital.

Besides these two beasties, a new region is waiting to be explored. Get ready to enter freezing tundra in the Guiding Lands, which is sure to be full of dangerous foes that don’t mind the cold weather.

The developer diary details more, from collaborations to high-rank versions of layered amour sets.

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