Persona 5 Royal Western release date officially announced

Yesterday we reported that the Indonesian and Taiwanese PSN stored might have leaked the release date of Persona 5 Royal, and the worlds haven’t even had a chance to get cold and the release date gets officially revealed.

Set for a 31 March 2020 release, Persona 5 Royal will feature new characters, new areas of Tokyo to explore, a whole new semester at Shujin Academy and never-before-seen story arc.

The originally leaked date was set for 20 February next year, and at the time of writing, those dates have not been updated yet, so it is possible those countries might get an earlier release. Atlus also revealed a sick looking Collector’s Edition which includes a Steelbook, Joker’s Mask, Soundtrack, Art Book and some digital content. Whether we will see that fantastic looking CE here in SA still remains to be seen.

The first quarter of next year is looking incredibly busy, and with Persona 5 Royal thrown in the mix, it is becoming even worse. Who needs a social life if you can have one in a video game, right?

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