Lastest PlayStation advert gets pulled after complaints of blatant plagiarism

If you enjoy the many cool adverts that Sony Japan makes, which normally feature some hip tune and clever animation or the like, then you might have wanted to see the latest advert. However, it has been taken down due to plagiarism, and the director of the spot has been fired.

Kevin Bao, who worked for Eallin Animation was fired shortly after the PlayStation 4 Lineup Music Video Mix was taken down from Sony Japan’s YouTube channel. However because this is the internet, you can still see the video and comparisons that show how animation has been lifted wholesale from all over the place.

One notable person who noticed the similarities, Ian Jones-Quartey, tweeted about it. Jones-Quartey created OK K.O! and worked on Steven Universe and Adventure Time.

This video does a great job of showing the animation that has been lifted from right next to the PS4 video.

Bao has removed all the work from his social media accounts, including Instagram, Vimeo and Tumblr.

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