Vanquish remaster appears on the Microsoft Store

Vanquish is one of those very underappreciated gems from the last generation. PlatinumGames took their fast-paced action mindset and applied it to a third-person shooter which resulted in an intense shooting and sliding extravaganza. It was admittedly fairly short, but you were strapped into the ride the whole way and downtime was merely a concept. The game has since appeared on PC, but a remaster hasn’t been on the cards until today.

Vanquish just popped up on the Microsoft Store from nowhere and it promises “4K Graphics at 60 FPS available for Xbox One X” and it’s “Remastered for the First Time on Xbox One” which takes this from a rumour to fact. The release date is slated for the 17th of February 2020.

It’s unclear if it will come to other platforms based on that “Remastered for the First Time” part, but it won’t surprise me if it becomes available on at least the PS4. I have very pleasant memories of playing Vanquish, but the game was so short that I don’t really remember much of it. A remaster will do wonders to remind me why the game is so awesome.

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