SA Gamer Awards – Best FPS

Pop the safety off and press B to crouch, it’s time for the best FPS of 2019. We’ve got a few interesting contenders this year, but FPS games were surprisingly sparse given that it’s usually the predominant genre in any given year.

We debated and deliberated, but there was one clear winner this year. It had the pulse accelerating action, it had all the features you were looking for and it wasn’t afraid to push those boundaries. While our runner up definitely had some killer gunplay, the winner was the complete package. Our best FPS of 2019 is none other than…

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Returning to your roots is a risky move, but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare stripped away all the futuristic space warfare stuff and grounded itself to our own frightening and oppressive world. They took major risks and the campaign features many moments where they’re on thin ice, but instead of walking on it, they danced.

Modern Warfare also won because it was the complete package. The stellar campaign was well worth going through while the multiplayer was packed with features and you could quite easily lose yourself in its slower-paced but frantic warfare. It feels like some sort of sin to give an award to such an annualized franchise, but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare showed us why that franchise has been so successful in the first place.

Runner-Up: Apex Legends

Honourable Mentions: Rage 2, The Outer Worlds, Metro Exodus

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