SA Gamer Awards 2019 – Best Co-op

It’s not a category we have every year here at SA Gamer, but 2019 was a good year for co-op experiences. While there are the usual contenders for online co-op games – this time we really wanted to showcase some smaller but still great two-player couch co-op experiences. A genre of games we really don’t get very often anymore.


In short BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! is simply a fantastic puzzle platforming experience. It provides a relaxed (and therefore accessible) puzzle platforming game which shines because of its simplicity and ingenious level design. And because of its excellent progression, it will have even experts first scratching their heads but then later, pumping their fists. However, arguably it’s standout feature is its great two-player co-op mode which somehow makes the game feel familiar and provides a wonderful culmination to a great series. It oozes creativity, is endlessly fun to play and should be a must-buy for couch co-op fans.

Runner-up: The Stretchers (another fantastic sleeper hit that came out of nowhere and is really worth a look if you want a great two-player experience)
Honourable mentions: Gears 5

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