SA Gamer Awards 2019 – Best Game No One Played

Let’s be honest – there are just too many games to play. Most of us have a backlog the size of Sam Porter Bridges’ unwieldy backpack. And yet, we do our best to at least tackle every year’s so-called ‘big’ games. However, even when we do so – there’s always at least one game that falls under the radar. A game that really is worth our limited time. So to help out with that situation here’s our award for 2019’s Best Game No One Played.

…and PS. yes, I still haven’t played it yet either.

Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie‘s developer Pixelopus is a part of SIE Worldwide Studios and Sony really tried its best to show off the game. I actually saw it at PlayStation booths at Comic Con Africa and rAge earlier this year. It looked amazing, had PSVR support and quite a buzz surrounding it. And yet, it was a game that I somehow never got to. And it seems many out there may have missed out on it too. Thankfully our very own Marko did get to it, and in his review, he had this to say: “Concrete Genie aims to literally bring your imagination and creativity to life. Splashing the urban city of Denska with paint fills you with child-like wonder as you go from wall to wall creating stunning works of art. While the game is extremely easy and short, it spends every second trying to make you feel happy and it does so with shocking frequency. It’s often an overused word, but Concrete Genie truly is beautiful.”

Now, you know what to add to your holiday ‘to-play’ list.

Runner-up: Judgment

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