SA Gamer Awards 2019: Best Soundtrack

A good soundtrack can take any video game from good to spectacular by the simple stroke of a violin, or a grungy strum of a guitar. A video game without a good soundtrack essentially lacks a soul. Perhaps that’s a bit extreme to say, but if I’m going to invest hours of my life into a universe, there have to be some good tunes to keep me company. So which games had the best soundtracks of 2019?

Kingdom Hearts III

Chalk it up to more than 10 years of experience, but no one can deny that Square Enix nailed the soundtrack of Kingdom Hearts III. It’s a beautiful balance between incredible, hair-raising orchestral pieces, and whimsical world music that gets stuck in your head for days to come. While I admit some songs are repeated with only slight twists applied (e.g. all the versions of Dearly Beloved), it is still a stellar work of art that delivers emotion through each note. And let’s be honest, Face My Fears slaps hard.

Runner-up: Final Fantasy XIV – Shadowbringers

Honourable mentions


My Friend Pedro

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Sayonara Wild Heart

Disco Elysium

That’s all of them! If you have any other favourites of the last year, please drop links to those playlists in the comments. No one has ever complained about too many game soundtracks on their Spotify.

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