The VFX company behind Sonic’s updated movie look is now closed

On Wednesday, staff at the Moving Picture Company (MPC) in Vancouver, Canada, received the news (via an email) that the company would be shutting down with immediate effect. According to this CBC News article, that broke the news, the email apparently mentions “increasing external market pressures in Vancouver, as well as more attractive opportunities in other locations” as the reasons for the closure. MPC is a VFX company known for its work in big projects including movies like The Life of Pi. Now, despite the distressing tone of this news piece, you may wonder why we’re including it on our site…

Well, not only did MPC do some work for video game movie Detective Pikachu, it seems one the last projects they worked on was updating Sonic’s look for the upcoming feature film. After the severe backlash the original movie design received, director, Jeff Fowler announced that Sonic would be receiving a makeover. And while we are happy that in the most recent trailer Sonic is looking a lot more like we remember him – and MPC’s closure may not have had anything directly to do with the Sonic movie, it once again sadly highlights the fickleness of the industry as a whole. Our hearts go out to the individuals that were affected by this decision.

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