A 360Hz monitor is being developed by ASUS and Nvidia

The next big mountain for gaming to summit is refresh rates. We’ve lived with 30 FPS on consoles for way too long and PC gamers all over will tell you that it’s 60 FPS or nothing. However, we’ve already gone well beyond those frame rates and the ideal right now is to be in the region of 120 FPS since it’s still a noticeable change. Once you go beyond 120 FPS, the returns are extremely diminishing and many people won’t be able to tell the difference at all since such high framerates are imperceptible to the average human eye unless you’re a rockstar esports player which I know you aren’t.

That didn’t stop ASUS and Nvidia though since they just announced at CES 2020 that they’re developing a 360Hz monitor. 360 frames per second sounds ungodly at this point in time and that’s because it is. Many games aren’t even capable of reaching half that and even the less intensive esport games like Counter-Strike: GO will struggle to reach such high frame rates.

The 24.5″ monitor is only 1080p since going that high on a 4K display is still very much an impossibility. It’s easy to mock this piece of technology because it’s literally useless unless you have a monster rig and extremely optimised games, but it does give us a little glimpse into our future. It raises the upper ceiling of how far we can take refresh rates which indicates that the lower levels of the technology can now be optimised and made affordable. I fully expect everything in the future to be at least 120Hz including phones and consoles, and what a smooth future that will be.

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