Media Molecule’s Dreams has finally gone gold

Dreams was one of the earliest titles shown off on the PS4 and now it’s poised to be one of the last. The crazy creation game has been in Early Access since last year and has nabbed quite a few news stories because of the mad creations that some of its players have made. Everything from Final Fantasy VII remakes, giant monster games, realistic breakfasts and everything in between. But the game is yet to release and now we know that there won’t be another delay.

The game has officially gone gold according to the game’s official Twitter page:

14th of February is the date and I’m sure many lonely people will be psyched to play it since they won’t be going on any dates. Hell, you can even make your own date with the game’s extensive creation tools, but that spectre of loneliness will always be there. With its official release, we’ll probably see a lot more creations coming from all over and hopefully there won’t be as many phallic objects as I think there will be.

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