Yakuza: Like A Dragon might get an English dub

The Yakuza franchise is almost notorious for exclusively using Japanese voiceovers and refusing to have the characters speak English. It makes complete sense since the games are incredibly Japanese to the point where it’s almost a Japan simulation and the usage of the Japanese language feels completely natural. It forces us to read subtitles, sure, but it’s a small price to pay for the wonderful Japanese aesthetic and people shouting nani whenever you throw a bicycle at someone.

The series’ next instalment, Yakuza: Like A Dragon, might be deviating from tradition as a user from ResetEra discovered that the game was being listed on PCB Productions, the same dubbing company that handled Judgment and a slew of other famous Japanese titles. The listing vanished shortly after this was noticed, but a screencap was taken to prove it:

Since the game will basically be a soft reboot of the franchise with refactored mechanics and a rumoured turn-based combat system, introducing English dubs might be a good way to jumpstart the franchise in the West. Hardcore fans of the series will obviously opt for the Japanese option because that’s just what feels right, but having the option available for an English dub from a reputable company is perfectly reasonable.

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