Nintendo’s next Direct will be about… more Pokémon?

It’s early in the year but, barring Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we haven’t heard much about what first-party games are coming to the Switch this year. There were some rumours about two more Wii U ports earlier this week, but other than that it’s been pretty silent. So there was a lot of speculation that a Nintendo Direct was on the way sometime soon. And yesterday the official Nintendo Twitter accounts proved that this was indeed true… However, the topic of the Direct caught some of us by surprise.

Yip, rather than a more traditional wide-ranging Direct – we’re getting another one of those laser-focused single-topic Directs – this time going all-in on more Pokémon. Unfortunately, like the Smash Direct before it – unless your a fan of Pokémon there probably won’t be too much there for you. However, what makes this a particularly strange announcement (other than the fact that we have very little info about Nintendo’s plans for 2020) is that Pokémon Sword and Shield launched so recently. So could we be getting a special National Dex announcement? Unlikely.

While some sort of DLC could be announced what we’re probably in for is more information about Pokémon Home. The new Pokémon cloud storage solution (replacing and improving Pokémon Bank) originally announced back in May 2019 is due some more details and we expect this is what the upcoming Direct may be focused on.

Tune in here at 4.30 pm tomorrow to find out…

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