The Sims 4 is adding tiny houses for poor Millenial living

The Sims 4 is adding small houses later this month so that your Sims can live in apartments and spaces as small as we do! Micro-houses are pretty popular in the Sim community already, so this stuff pack will add some much-needed items.

These micro-homes are 100 tiles or less, and end up being cozy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. As a bonus, you have more space for your garden.

The problem that many players have had with designing micro-homes is that king-size beds, massive couches and more really don’t fit into these spaces. The Tiny Living Stuff Pack will add options for these micro-homes, like the Murphy bed, which folds up in the day to become a shelf. Oh and just like in cartoons, the characters can end up stuck in the bed as they try to put it away or set it up.

Having a tiny home means smaller bills and possibly a new challenge to spice up your next playthrough. Now I wait for when Abigail comes to tell me a Sim died due to Murphy bed usage…

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack comes to PC and Mac on January 21 and PS4 and Xbox One on February 4.

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