Yakuza: Like a Dragon will have underground dungeons

Yakuza: Like a Dragon continues to embrace its ties to the RPG genre and will even have the underground dungeons that are so common in roleplaying games.

Kasuga will use the underpass to move to the headquarters of hostile organisations, which is basically a dungeon, complete with what sounds like random encounters, treasures to discover and more.

Once you clear a dungeon it can be visited again to level up and collect weapons, armour and materials from attache cases. There are also safes down there which will require keys to get at the tasty contents. Just be careful, some of the safes have enemies inside them. Who doesn’t enjoy the odd mimic surprise when looting chests?

Dungeons will also have some rarer enemy encounters as you find characters that don’t fit well in the city above. This includes perverts, hospital patients and escaped prisoners that are pretty rare in the city.

Gematsu has a full translation of the Sega’s announcement if you want to learn more.

The game releases in Japan on January 12 with a release in other regions later this year.

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