Panasonic’s new VR glasses look straight out of the Steampunk world

Image Credit: Panasonic

With CES 2020 currently underway – it’s a wonderful time for hardware and video game adjacent news – one of the more interesting reveals from earlier this week is Panasonic’s new foray into the VR world. Touted as the “First HDR Capable UHD VR Eyeglasses” Panasonic’s new hardware provides a much more slimmed-down version of the VR headsets we’ve come to expect. And as almost everyone has noticed – they look wonderfully Steampunk(ian).

Developed in conjunction with the Kopin Corporation they not only include a micro OLED panel but also Panasonic’s in-house audio and visual technologies. As explained in their press release, Panasonic is looking forward to taking advantage of the soon to be widely implemented 5G-powered mobile systems. They see the glasses as a more accessible way to enter the VR world (as opposed to the quite intimidating large VR headsets we know). Unfortunately, the press release speaks specifically only about “VR sports viewing and virtualtravel” and so whether these glasses would be capable of VR-gaming is still to be determined.

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