UK gamer’s life was saved by an online friend in Texas

Online gaming is usually filled with scummy people who want to do unsavoury things to your dear mother, but once in a while we get a little glint of compassion. Aidan Jackson, a gamer from the UK, was in an online session with his friend Dia Lathora. During their gaming session, Jackson proclaimed that he wasn’t feeling well and went to lie down while still having his mic close so that he was able to communicate. Lothora identified that he may be having a stroke and she took it upon herself to call the authorities in Jackson’s hometown of Chesire in the UK, some 5,000 miles away from her native Texas.

Police officers and an ambulance arrived at Jackson’s home, to the surprise of his parents who had no idea that their son was having a medical emergency. Sky News did a piece on the whole ordeal:

Jackson is doing fine at the moment, but further tests are being done to see what the problem was. It’s quite the tale and a showcase of the power of online friendships and care. Some people would just have left Jackson to his fate, but it took courage from Dia to call up a distant city and potentially saving her friend’s life. It’s a beautiful story of compassion within something that is so often experienced as negative.

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