Become Mario at the Super Nintendo World theme park in Tokyo

Many Nintendo fans around the world have been clamouring for a Nintendo theme park in the style of a Disneyland for years now. However, for so long Nintendo seemed completely uninterested in such a venture. Recently though that changed and for some years Super Nintendo World Universal Studios in Japan has been under construction with other parks planned in Singapore and America. There have been a few rumours and some pictures leaked about what the park would look like and include but yesterday we got our first official information from Nintendo.

As broken down expertly in The Verge, the upcoming park in Tokyo will have visitors using smart Power-up Bands and a dedicated smartphone App not only to display maps of the resort but actually make you feel like you’re in a Mario game. The Verge also linked Bloomberg reporter Kurumi Mori’s tweets which we have also included below:

Collecting coins and fulfilling certain tasks were talked about and with previous confirmation of a Mario Kart ride of some description, as the resident ‘TiMario’ I personally can’t wait. If you need any more convincing Nintendo also released a special music video highlighting the park called: “We Are Born to Play” which you can check out below.


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