Don’t worry, Xbox will still be at E3 this year

Earlier today the news dropped that Sony would be skipping E3 entirely. It was quite the bombshell because everyone expected Sony to step up to the stage again with the PS5 looming on the horizon and how bad their absence felt last year, but like a Fleetwood Mac song from 1977, they’re going their own way. E3 looked to be in danger of not having the same oomph that it had yet again, but thankfully Microsoft is going to keep the tradition going for just a while longer.

In the wake of the Sony announcement, Phil Spencer took to Twitter to tell us that Microsoft will still be attending E3 2020:

Microsoft certainly has a lot on their plate that they have to announce to the world. The Xbox Series X was only recently revealed at The Game Awards and while it was a surprise, it was just a short trailer and a momentary glimpse at what the console is capable of. With their new stable of developers and all their plans for the next generation, Microsoft’s E3 2020 conference will be one of the most important ones in the company’s history. It’s a shame Sony won’t be there to balance things out, but at least we’ll still have some next-gen excitement to look forward to in June.

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