Microsoft ends support for Windows 7 today

The news isn’t exactly new, or gaming related, but Microsoft will be ending official support for Windows 7 on 14 January 2020, which is today.

Initially released in July 2009, Windows 7 has gone on to become one of the most popular operating systems that Microsoft has produced, essentially laying to foundation for what we see today in Windows 10. While most of us have probably moved on to the latest version of Windows, there is no denying the impact that Windows 7 had on society, as well as gaming. PC Gaming started getting a lot easier thanks to the OS, which was probably due to better driver development and support, which made it a lot more manageable for developers and users alike. The OS is reportedly still being used by about a third of all PCs on the planet.

So what does end of support mean for Windows 7 users? Well, Microsoft will officially stop rolling out security updates for the operating system, meaning that any future vulnerabilities or exploits will not be patched or closed up going forward. If you are still on Windows 7, now will be the time to consider upgrading.

So Rest in Peace old friend, you will be missed.

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