DOOM Eternal gets a slick new trailer

DOOM Eternal was supposed to release during the busy season last year, but for unconfirmed reasons, id Software and Bethesda decided to let the game cook a little bit more and give it a March 20, 2020 release.

To remind everyone that DOOM Eternal is just around the corner, the developers released a new gameplay Trailer:

The trailer also gives some exposition on what the hell is actually going on, and as we know the game involves a demonic invasion with only one man capable to stopping it in its tracks. The trailer seems to feature some cutscenes actually showing the DOOM Slayer from a third person perspective, and I’m not entirely sure about this approach, or even if it will be a gameplay feature to move away from the purely first person perspective of 2016’s DOOM.

I personally suspected last year that DOOM Eternal was going for the games-as-a-service approach, but was delayed after the lacklustre reception that Wolfenstein: Youngblood received. That is all just speculation though and me sitting with a tinfoil hat on. I’m still super excited for DOOM Eternal though, and from what I’ve seen about this game so far the gameplay looks sublime.

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