Slay The Spire gets massive 2.0 update adding new character

If you’re a fan of card-based roguelikes, Slay The Spire is more or less the perfect game for you. It’s filled with incredibly clever design and it can potentially challenge you for hundreds of hours if you allow yourself to get sucked into it. The game has had a gradual production cycle, starting off on Steam’s Early Access and getting its official 1.0 release in 2019. But they weren’t content with just stopping there and after months of testing and tweaking, the official 2.0 patch has launched.

The 2.0 patch brings along a brand new character called The Watcher who has a considerably different playstyle than the game’s other three main characters. The character has been in beta testing for quite a few months and many tweaks have been made to get the character just right. The patch also addresses numerous bugs and gameplay balance changes which you can find on the game’s official patch notes.

The patch also adds a potion lab that you can use to see the numerous effects of all the potions in the game, of which there are plenty. It will give you a better idea of which potion is good or not or to just get a broad overview of what is available.

The game has received remarkable support from developer Mega Crit Games and has received wide recognition for its excellent design. Slay The Spire is currently 50% off on Steam and you can also get it on Xbox Game Pass.

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