GTA VI might have been confirmed through Rockstar’s tax returns

Rockstar may be one of the most innovative developers out there, but their attitude towards tax is almost cartoonishly evil. They are notorious for not paying any corporate tax despite being one of the most profitable developers in history and it seems they are now also claiming tax relief meant for smaller developers in the UK.

A full report was done on Rockstar’s tax returns in 2018 and 2019, and it was discovered that the developer claimed a massive share of the UK Video Games Tax Relief fund, which aims to be a cultural contribution to British creativity. They seemingly claimed about £37 million in tax relief from the fund which is 40% of the total money available, which is staggering.

Tax Watch UK says that these tax claims “relates to the production of the next edition of GTA, rumoured to be scheduled for release soon.” Which makes complete sense considering we haven’t seen anything from Rockstar since Red Dead Redemption 2 and, you know, the GTA franchise pretty much prints money.

It’s interesting to hear the extent of Rockstar’s shady tax dealings and it reminds you that they’re just a company trying their best to get the most money they can, even if it has to screw over an entire tax relief system to do it. The development of GTA VI will probably be staggering and far more than what they paid for GTA V, so it’s no surprise that a paper trail would eventually turn up. Keep your eye on the news if you’re a GTA fan, we might not be far away from an announcement now.

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