Frostpunk’s The Last Autumn launch trailer brings hard decisions

Frostpunk’s latest expansion, The Last Autumn is available on PC now and it offers a chance to see the world before the great cold age.

The Last Autumn is the most complex scenario in the game yet, heading to a time where people were preparing for the endless winter, building the mighty Generator that will eventually provide power and warmth to those who survive the cataclysm.

Without the cold to contend with, the game has to change what challenges you will face. Get ready for poor working conditions as you build, and poisonous gas that will result in poor health and morale for anyone living near the fumes.

Here are the features:

  •  A prequel story set in a new environment not yet covered by snow that allows players to construct the Generator from the ground up to prepare their society for the upcoming winter.
  • A new Endless Mode variant — Builders — that redefines the challenges players will face by providing different setups and solutions.
  • Two new Books of Laws allowing players to shape their society in previously unknown ways.
  • New threats and issues to deal with such as toxic gases and workers going on strike.
  • Influence society in creative new ways from establishing labor unions to outright manipulation.
  • New technology tree, inventions to discover, and resources to obtain.
  • 25 new buildings to construct such as docks, a telegraph station, a labor union building and more.
  • New social classes including Convicts — a cheap and obedient workforce.
  • Discover even more new mechanics and tweaks to the gameplay.

The game is available on Steam and GOG.

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