Light Brick is the LEGO indie game studio that I never knew existed

Just about everyone loves LEGO-themed video games, right? I surely do. I love the wonderful movie tie-ins, their comedic writing, and despite their bright, toy-like appearance also their meticulous attention to detail. For the most part, they’re usually quite fun too. Unfortunately, thanks to the massive names the Lego games are usually connected with (Jurassic Park, Marvel and Star Wars to mention just a few) the games do tend to be a little formulaic and sometimes can lack a little creative charm. Well, that’s where Lego’s little 9-person indie team Light Brick steps in…

Now, perhaps like me, you’ve never heard of Light Brick. Well if that’s the case, then you will probably enjoy reading this wonderful article by Andrew Webster (writing for The Verge). As explained in Webster’s piece, Light Brick is a small indie-like team that ‘slowly evolved from a digital Lego bricks experiment’ and aims to:

…enter the space of the more poetic, artistic games that move the boundaries of what a game experience can be, using game mechanics to convey emotions and narrative.

Karsten Lund (Light Brick creative director) speaking to The Verge

Light Brick has actually released a game in the very recent past called LEGO Builder’s Journey that seems to fulfil that description perfectly and is highlighted well in Webster’s article. It looks beautiful, artsy and different and while it’s currently only available on Apple Arcade it sure has got me interested to learn more about this small game maker with big block backing.

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