Rainbow Six Siege just had its best monthly average player count

For a game that released in December of 2015, Rainbow Six Siege really doesn’t look like it is giving up any time soon. Rainbow Six Siege just had its busiest month ever on Steam since launch, with the player count average being the highest it has ever been.

The only time it had more peak players was back in March 2018. The average concurrent players from December 23 to now is 91,201 players, with a peak player count of 151,678.

Siege has been steadily gaining players lately, with the Road to SI 2020 event bringing in many who might have stopped playing with its battle pass and the chance to play as any operator, not just the ones you own.

Last year in September, the developers announced that the game had reached 50 million players. If this keeps up, we might see an announcement of hitting 55 million later this year.

Rainbow Six Siege recently changed its penetration system on weapons, allowing higher calibre weapons to pierce limbs to target higher-value targets, like the torso or head and it seems the change has paid off.

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