Valve reassures us that Half-Life: Alyx is done and won’t face any delays

It’s been delay after delay during this first little section of 2020 and it seems many developers have bitten off more than they could chew. This obviously put the release dates of other games into question and there’s one game that certainly fell into the caution zone based on history and that’s Half-Life: Alyx.

The VR game is set for release in March of this year and if you remember anything from Valve’s previous game attempts, they’re not always the most reliable when it comes to releases. However, an AMA on Reddit from the developers of the game has put everyone’s fears at rest since the team said confidently that the game is done.

“With the exception of some tweaks to the absolute final scene,” The team explained, “the game is done. Lots of us at Valve, as well as playtesters, have played through the entire game multiple times.” The rest of the AMA is also full of valuable information about the game, so it’s definitely worth it to check it out if you’ve had any burning questions.

It’s a relief to hear that everything is on schedule and the team sounding so confident. We’ve heard a lot of unfortunate stories about crunch recently and it’s good to hear a development team so confident that they’ve already nailed it. We’ll see in March if this VR revolution is going to take off.

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