Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s latest patch has more stealth changes

Infinity Ward’s proclivity of making undocumented changes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s patches is once again upsetting the community.

Modern Warfare players recently got patch 1.13, which added a crossbow and five extra loadout slots, while making a few balance tweaks. However, it also changed several things that aren’t mentioned in the patch notes, and this has become a habit that some players find to be in poor taste.

Players find things that are different and then aren’t sure if the change was intentional but done without documentation, or if it is a bug. Some players have taken it upon themselves to look through the game for any stealth changes, highlighting new behaviours and tweaks.

Patch 1.13 has similar stealth changes, some of which are obvious and don’t seem like a bad thing to change. For example, one of the new areas added to the Crash remake offers less cover to players camping there. The objective capture bar fades out slightly when you ADS and it no longer blocks the majority of the centre of the screen.

But then there are things that are undocumented and players have had to learn them. Scoring objective points no longer count towards Field Upgrade recharge time, but kills do. Stopping Power Rounds are also acting strangely, as they were supposed to be buffed in the latest patch, but they seem weaker than before.

A mix of misinformation

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