Stardew Valley has sold over 10 million copies

Eric Barone started making a game 4 years ago… in his bedroom. As pointed out in Nintendo Life, it was a kind of love letter to games like the Harvest Moon series. And yesterday in a tweet posted under his twitter handle, ConcernedApe, Barone confirmed that that game, Stardew Valley, had now sold over 10 million copies!

Stardew Valley is a big hit within the SA Gamer team and although it’s not a game I seem to enjoy as much as the others there is no doubting its quality and growing importance. And you can’t help but feel astonished at how much love and care has been put into a game that really started as a single person’s vision. And that is always worthy of commendation. Nowadays, the game is not only a PC darling but has found a new perfect home on the Switch (not to mention the mobile, PS4 and Xbox One versions). It also just continues to grow; In the second half of 2019, we got a multiplayer mode and new content is regularly added.

Well done Stardew Valley… We salute you in your wonderful pixelated glory!

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