Temtem’s servers seem to be stable now after overwhelming launch

Temtem broke the internet a little when it released in Early Access recently. The Pokemon-themed game drew quite a lot of attention for its promise of being a competitive Pokemon-like MMO and people have been so starved for it that the game ended up becoming so popular that the servers caught fire. The first few days of the launch was plagued with server problems, exceptionally long queue times and bugged battles.

The developers of Temtem, Crema, were hit completely by surprise and judging from their Twitter timeline, they’re just as shocked as us that the servers are so full. But thankfully they’ve adapted to this sudden popularity and beefed up server capacity to accommodate all 27k+ concurrent players:

I played the game myself last night and while there was a short queue to get in, I experienced no further problems and everything ran smooth. The game is just getting started and it’s off to quite the explosive start. Remember, the game is still very much in Early Access and it will get progressively better as time goes on. For those of you in South Africa who have been eyeing the game, it’s currently only R200 on Steam. It’s surprisingly much cheaper than the international prices, so if you want to jump in, it might be the perfect time to do it since the price will eventually go up.

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