Ghost Recon Breakpoint rework gets underway with a major patch this week

Ghost Recon Breakpoint was a critical disappointment after Ghost Recon Wildlands and the other good open-world titles that Ubisoft had released. Ubisoft promised to work on the game, to listen to fan feedback and make changes. These changes included player surveys, and listening to what reviewers and streamers said about the game. Now the beginning of that big rework is on the way this week.

Title Update 1.1.0 for Ghost Recon Breakpoint launches tomorrow, and it will fix several bugs and exploits. If you lost your canteen, binoculars or thermal vision, those will be back after the update.

Ubisoft has improved the AI so that NPCs won’t keep running down the kill corridors where you wiped out most of their squad, looking for other positions instead of walking over piles of corpses. The vanish rules have been updated so that enemies won’t wink out of existence if they are close to the player.

Night Vision should be more useful from now and if you use a Digital Scope you get multiple zoom levels. Enemies will also no longer shout in pain when you shoot them in the head.

Ubisoft also shared a timeline which promises a “new immersive experience” in February, the Engineer Class and a The Terminator event at the end of the month, which will probably play out like The Predator event in Wildlands.

The update notes and timeline can be found here.

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