Final Fantasy XIV fans will be able to play Nioh 2 as Yoshi-P

If you talk to anyone who enjoys Final Fantasy XIV, eventually they will bring up Naoki Yoshida aka Yoshi-P. Yoshida was brought in as director when FFXIV initially hit the market and disappointed many, and through his efforts, the game was relaunched and turned into a success story that any developer would be happy to tell.

Yoshida has had a few characters modelled after him, and now that is extending beyond the realm of Final Fantasy, to another game that features a struggle of good vs evil and samurai: Nioh 2.

Team Ninja invited players of the Nioh 2 beta to submit their customised characters for a chance to have them included as presets in the final release. One submission had a striking resemblance to Yoshi-P, and the name gives it away: Koma-p.

Team Ninja reached out to Yoshida for permission to use his likeness and the director has agreed, meaning Koma-p Tenzen will be one of the eight winning presets in Nioh 2.

If you enjoy FFXIV and play Nioh 2, this will be a treat as you take the director into battle.

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