Nintendo applied for some trademarks and I’m dreaming of a Super Mario Sunshine remake

Companies apply for trademarks. Yes, that’s not really any new revelation. In fact, often they apply for trademarks they’ll probably never use “just in case”. And companies that have been around for decades (like Nintendo) also often have to re-apply for trademarks that are due to expire and tend to do these in large batches. Recently, Nintendo did just that. 39 classic Nintendo franchises had their trademarks renewed (check the full list at the end of the article).

It’s a very long list with a lot of well-known names. However, as a big Mario fan, one title immediately stood out: Super Mario Sunshine. The Gamecube’s flagship Mario title is one that for some reason or other I have missed out on. It’s one of the few Mario games I have never played let alone completed. It stands out like a sore thumb in my Mario repertoire and like an itch that must be scratched I feel a burning desire to get to it. Of course, getting a Gamecube running these days is a little tough. However, the Switch is becoming an excellent place to play older games in new ‘portable’ ways. Nintendo redoing these trademarks always offers the slight possibility of future remakes/remasters/re-imaginings and I for one am dreaming of Super Mario Sunshine on Switch – in whatever form it comes.

Full Trademarked List:

Freaky Forms, Kirby’s Adventure, Kirby Air Ride, Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards, Kid Icarus, Jam With The Band, Golden Sun Dark Dawn, Dillon’s Rolling Western The Last Ranger, Face Raiders, Eternal Darkness, Majora’s Mask, Card Hero, Balloon Kid, Animal Crossing City Folk, Alleyway, WarioWare Smooth Moves, Wave Race, Mario Sports, Mario vs. Donkey Kong Mini-Land Mayhem!, Urban Champion, The Wind Waker, The Adventure of Link, Swapnote, Super Mario World, Super Mario Sunshine, Steel Diver, Spirit Camera, Kirby Mass Attack, Skyward Sword, Shadows of Almia (Pokémon Ranger), Radar Mission, Pushmo, Pullblox, Phantom Hourglass, Ocarina of Time, Nintendo Presents Style Boutique, Nintendogs + Cats, Mario vs. Donkey Kong Minis March Again!, and Cruis’n.

Japanese Nintendo via Nintendo Life
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