The fight against tech continues as Ghost Recon Breakpoint fights Terminators

The initial tease for the Terminator crossover event in Ghost Recon Breakpoint was very scant on details, but now we know what is going to happen if you boot up the game today.

Get ready to fight a T-800 cyborg in daily warfare and interception missions. There is also a narrative mission that can be completed solo or in co-op, with another arriving on the 1st of February.

Team up with Rasa Aldwin, who comes from the future too, and take on Terminators. Ubisoft says to expect a ton of references and nods to the 1984 movie, so get in there if you are a fan and see how many you can find.

If you complete the missions between now and 6 February, some Terminator-themed weapons and vehicles will be unlocked for use, as well as a new outfit.

While this is a live event, the story missions will remain in the game in case you can’t get to it in the next week or so. However, the awards are time-limited, so if you want some Terminator-themed gear, you better log in soon.

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