Thronebreaker is on Switch now, for card game shenanigans on the go

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales had a surprise release on the Nintendo Switch yesterday, arriving to give us card game puzzles and thrilling monster fights on the go.

While The Witcher games focus on Geralt, this game places the spotlight on Queen Meve, ruler of Lyria and Rivia. Nilfgaard is invading and Meve learns a lot about the loyalty of her friends and family as she fights against a seemingly insurmountable enemy.

At times she must fight the monsters of the world too, deadly beasts that require a whole squad of soldiers to beat if you don’t have a prepared Witcher nearby to help.

Thronebreaker was initially going to be a Gwent expansion, before spinning off into a separate game. Some fights will give you a set deck of cards, while others will use a deck that you will build as you play, upgrading some cards to fight against some rather mean opponents. Other times you will have to solve puzzles with what is on the board, following special rules to deal with a tricky situation.

If this sounds intriguing, you can read our review of the PC version here.

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