Nintendo’s mobile offerings have already crossed $1 billion

It was predictable that Nintendo was eventually going to enter the mobile game market and with their repertoire of extremely popular franchises, they had no shortage of ideas going into it. The games they have released so far have had their ups and downs and you could see Nintendo coming to grips with how mobile game monetisation works. However, it seems that their mobile escapades have been very lucrative so far, but the surprising part is that the bulk of the revenue comes from just one title.

Sensor Tower did an analysis on the revenue for each Nintendo game this is the graph that they came up with:

Image Credit: Sensor Tower

As you can see, Fire Emblem Heroes far surpasses anything on the list with Nintendo’s other first-party releases trailing behind with respectable but still relatively low numbers. Dr. Mario World seems to not be doing so hot with only $4.8 million in revenue, but that’s to be expected since it’s a relatively niche title. The other games are doing very respectable numbers, but there is definitely some room for improvement.

This is pretty good news for Nintendo’s mobile division and we’ll likely see more games from them in the future now that these games are financially viable. It’s a surprise to see Fire Emblem Heroes perform so ridiculously well, but then again the game has been available and healthy for quite a long time.

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