Rumour: Resident Evil 8 will stick with first-person and zombies will return

Resident Evil 7 was a very welcome return to form for the franchise with its first-person viewpoint and experimental story aspects. It’s obvious that Capcom will continue the franchise, but just how they will do it is still very much a mystery. However, some rumours seem to suggest that Resident Evil 8 will be far wilder than we expected.

Resident Evil fan website, Biohazardcast, got some information from an anonymous source about the specifics of the new title. Here’s the rundown of the features they have provided:

  • Ethan will be returning as a playable character.
  • Resident Evil 8 was tested last year.
  • It will not be called Resident Evil 8, but will have a “clever title”
  • The game will be in First-person like RE7.
  • Gameplay starts in a village leading up to a castle.
  • The environment will be rural, snowy, and mountainous; possibly Europe.
  • Regular zombies will be appearing instead of the Molded from RE7.
  • There is a persistent shadowy “female” enemy that will follow you but will dissipate if shot.
  • There are also wolf-like creatures that will attack the player in certain areas.
  • Chris Redfield will also be returning in some capacity.

If this information turns out to be true, it will be quite the shift for the franchise yet again. The castle setting sounds like it can make for quite a few scares, Chris Redfield making an appearance will be interesting and it seems they’re going to stick to the first-person perspective that Resident Evil 7 established. One of the biggest possible features is the return of traditional zombies instead of the wacky creatures and characters we saw in Resident Evil 7.

These are still just wild rumours, but if they turn out to be true then we’ll be in for quite the ride when the next Resident Evil inevitably gets released. Capcom has chosen to not make any statements based on rumours just yet, but you have to think that they’re already knee-deep in the game’s development, especially considering the franchise has been going through a renaissance both from the remakes of the old games and the newer offerings. We’ll have to wait and see if any of this holds water, but it’s fun to speculate for now.

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