Final Fantasy VII Remake shows us Red XIII, Choco/Mog summon and the Honey Bee Inn

There I was, happily enjoying being calm and relaxed, until Final Fantasy VII Remake decided to take Friday afternoon into overdrive.

Turn your volume up, because Nobuo Uematsu’s Hollow is playing in full force here and it is enough to give you goosebumps. In the trailer we see a whole bunch of new things, like young Tifa and Cloud, what Red XIII looks like and the Choco/Mog summon.

The villains of Midgar also get some time to shine, with Palmer, Hojo and Scarlet getting some screen time. Scarlet is definitely not someone to mess with.

However, the biggest treat is finally seeing the Honey Bee Inn. Many have been wondering how the crossdressing section of Final Fantasy VII would be interpreted, or if it would be left out. Now we finally get to see a gorgeous crossdressed Cloud in a fantastically progressive scene.

Take a look and pick your favourite element from the video.


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