Overwatch is getting an Experimental Card and Hero Pools

Blizzard has promised to increase the frequency of updates to Overwatch this year and has a few new things to try to spice up competitive and get everyone involved in upcoming changes.

The Hero Pools system will make a small change to how competitive play works in Season 21. Instead of teams banning a hero from a match, the pool will disable one hero a week. The ban will be chosen by developers, and should lead to some diversity in matches and get players to use other heroes.

The change that will make console players excited is the Experimental Card. Currently, upcoming changes are tested on the PC only PTR, leaving console players out in the dark until the changes head to live. The Experimental Card will let the development test balance and gameplay changes without interrupting competitive and quick play. If you want to be up to date and have a feel of what might come next, this is a great option and you can earn loot boxes too.

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