BT encounter warnings can finally be turned off in Death Stranding

Death Stranding was an excellent game, but it was certainly not without its faults. Since launch, Kojima Productions have been hard at work delivering a bunch of fan-requested features to make the gameplay better and patch any niggling problems that the community has. One such feature is the ability to turn off the somewhat lengthy cutscene that plays whenever you enter an area that is infested with BTs.

The scene has been entirely unskippable and it breaks a whole lot of momentum when you’re busy trekking through the landscape on the potentially hundreds of deliveries you need to do. The latest patch for the game addresses this by adding an option to turn off these encounters or have them only play once and never again:

Since I started playing the game I was hoping that this would be fixed in a later patch because it grew more and more annoying the closer you got to the endgame and BT encounters were inevitable during every trip. This will make the game flow a lot better and I’m glad the patch has come before I decided to go for the game’s platinum.

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