Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan has a new studio director

The PS5 is on the way later this year. But it’s a time of change… in more ways than one; Sony’s hierarchy continues to shift. In October last year, Shawn Layden (chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios) announced he would be leaving Sony. Then, just a few hours later, SIE Japan Asia president Atsushi Morita also left the company. Guerrilla Games’ Hermen Hulst took Layden’s position. Shuhei Yoshida’s took a new role as Head of the Independent Developer Initiative. And guess what? Sony’s not done yet.

Yesterday, they posted a press release indicating that the creative director of the VR hit Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Nicolas Doucet, would become the studio director of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan (translation provided by Gematsu). This is yet another big change and while it could be argued that the launch of a new console and the related birth of a new generation is probably an understandable time to make some changes in leadership, I can’t help but feel that the seemingly neverending adjustments are a small cause for concern.

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