Fallout 76 will get NPCs on April 7, along with Steam release

If you have been waiting for some NPCs to talk to in Fallout 76, then April 7 will be the time to log in and see what changes have been made to the game.

The update is free and was supposed to happen late last year, before being pushed to 2020. The Wastelanders update will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Bethesda.net. April 7 is also the day the game releases on Steam, for those who only want a single launcher. The Steam version will arrive with the Wastelanders update already available, meaning anyone hopping in for the first time might have a pretty different experience with the game.

For those thinking of moving over to Steam from the Bethesda launcher, items purchased in the Atomic Shop will carry over. However, any Atoms or Fallout 1st membership balance won’t transfer over.

Fallout with NPCs again, like we all wanted from the start.

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