Mobile masterpiece Florence is coming to the Switch – but should it?

Back in July last year I wrote a piece entitled: Florence made me rethink mobile gaming. If you have a minute or two I think it might be worth your time. But, in short, I wrote about how a small-team-out-of-Australia’s first game made me realise that mobile games could actually be good. It’s a very short experience, but unlike the endless runners and match-three money grabs that make up a large portion of mobile gaming, Florence stands out as charming, different and a rather perfect mobile experience. I thought it was significant enough that I even gave it a slot in my Top 10 games of the decade list.

Then, yesterday, out of the blue Nintendo announced that Florence would be coming to the Switch later this month.

As you can probably imagine – I’m rather pleased that more people will get to try it out. I may even double-dip myself. However, despite my overwhelming optimism – I’ve got to admit I’m not sure it’s a game that will translate to consoles well. First, it will be interesting to see what this bite-size experience will cost on Nintendo’s platform. But more than that, the reason I enjoyed Florence as much as I did was that it felt perfect on a phone. The simple puzzles, concise design, short duration… everything felt right when played from the palm of the hand. Sure, the Switch is also a handheld. The touchscreen definitely helps. And the story no doubt still holds up – but I can’t help but feel a little concerned. I’m worried that this is one of the few games that may have been better off staying… well, mobile.

Of course, I could be wrong – in fact, I really, really hope I am.

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