Bringing Astral Chain to other platforms is up to Nintendo says PlatinumGames

PlatinumGames has been killing it recently with many of their franchises becoming massive successes and their fanbase avidly supporting everything they’re doing. They recently smashed their Kickstarter goals for their The Wonderful 101 remaster and their new IPs have also been doing incredibly well, especially Astral Chain that released last year exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

PlatinumGames’ Atsushi Inaba recently had an interview with VGC where the topic of Astral Chain coming to other platforms came up. When asked whether it was possible, he said: “Ultimately it’s Nintendo’s call, not ours. They own the publishing rights to Astral Chain so we really have no say in that matter. We consider The Wonderful 101 an exclusive case.”

So, it’s all up to Nintendo whether or not the game will see the light of day on other platforms. With Nintendo’s recent push to be more universal with their content, it’s quite possible that it might come to pass, but the smart money would be that they’ll probably keep it an exclusive, at least for now. However, Astral Chain is still relatively new so maybe in a year’s time, Nintendo might allow PlatinumGames to bring the game to other platforms, like how Sony is gradually bringing their exclusives to PC.

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