Below is heading to PS4 with a friendly Explore Mode

Below, which was an Xbox console exclusive, is heading to the PlayStation 4 soon. Below will come with an update that adds an Explore Mode, which will make the game much more forgiving.

Capybara Games’ dungeon crawler is pretty tough, with hunger, thirst, instant kills and more making your descent rather harrowing. If you would prefer to go spelunking without fear of hunger and thirst and with the help of permanent checkpoints, Explore Mode will let you do just that.

The Steam and Xbox One versions will also get Explore Mode, with a Survival Mode for those who want to get the original experience.

The community has been working hard to map out the whole of Below to help new players find their feet, and this will help bring more players into the fold, especially anyone who values discovery over difficulty, as Capybara so aptly puts it. Sounds like a great time to hop in.

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