Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers 5.2 brings Ruby Weapon, more story and relic equipment

If you felt that February was too quiet, you might want to go visit Final Fantasy XIV on February 18. Content patch 5.2, called Echoes of the Fallen Star, will launch on the 18th bringing a host of class adjustments, new quests, a dungeon, more raid fights and relic equipment. Oh and Final Fantasy VII’s superboss Ruby Weapon.

A lot is happening in the next patch, including more content that continues with the story of Shadowbringers. When we left off, the Warrior of Light and his friends were in a difficult position and had been waiting for Ryne to learn more about the functions and control of Eden.

We will return to Eden for a new Raid Dungeon called Eden’s Verse, where previously we had fought powered-up versions of old raid bosses like Titan and Leviathan. Next up is a reimagined Ramuh, who you will spot in the patch video as a sexy old centaur, and it looks like Ifrit and Garuda are pairing up to turn us into dust. Note that if you aren’t up to date with the Shadowbringers story, you might want to avoid watching the video for now.

A new dungeon, updates to the Ishgardian Restoration, new crafting tools, some class tweaks and deep sea fishing are on the way, giving players a whole lot more to do.

Speaking of things to do, the new Relic equipment quest will kick-off, and has a pr-requisite of finishing the Return to Ivalice story, so best make sure you have that all done.

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